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What drew me to this kind of work is my love and affinity for people. My commitment is that all people who have the desire be given the tools, knowledge and practices to have the greatest quality of life possible.

On my own journey, through my studies and experiences, I have come across many different gems that have totally altered my life. One of these is the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a powerful tool to understanding our personality type and unlocking our hidden potential. View the workshops page to learn more about Enneagram workshops as well as all the workshops offered.

I bring all my gems to my work with individuals, couples, families and businesses. My eclectic approach helps people in every stage of life to access their vision of fulfillment and success. I am available by appointment for in personal consultations and/or by telephone and skype. Relations coaching and training for businesses is available on site.

Iris First M.S.
Relations Coach


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