What is a Relations Coach?

A Relations Coach is a person who educates and aids you in your discovery of how to have a greater relatedness to yourself and others.

This may seem like a simple task, but that is not always true.
Think back on the times in your life were you ever stopped by your own fears, doubts or confusion?
Or did you ever try to communicate to a loved one; a business associate or your child and you were left the interaction with the feeling of talking to yourself and not being heard?

At those moments all that we already know doesn’t make a difference. It does not move us through our own stops or our blocks in communication with others.

In our work together we will explore and laser through to the underlying causes of the areas in which you are stuck. As a result you will not only experience a new kind of awareness but will actually experience freedom from lifting away the constraints of your past, giving you access to a life and relationships by design.

What can you expect to get out of this type of Coaching?
Growth and development in the following areas:

  • Self-awareness
  • Confidence
  • Self-acceptance/self love
  • Self expression
  • Personal Productivity
  • Relating to others

The results are:

  • Profound relationships
  • A life by your own design

Why relations coaching?

Relations coaching is a form of coaching that primarily helps people learn and discover more about themselves, others, and how they relate to others.

Individuals, couples, families, small & large organizations benefit from relations coaching as they engage in relationships in a more authentic and empowering manner.

As a relations coach, Iris First, brings all of her personal and professional experience to the table in an energizing and genuine way.

Interested in relations coaching with Iris?

Relations coaching is available by Skype, phone or in person in 2 locations Bedford, NY and Metuchen, NJ.

Relations Coaching Sessions and Packages

1 hour session $150

5 sessions for $625 (Save $125)

10 sessions for $1000 (Save $500) 

Relations coach and training for businesses $250.00 per hour on premises